2021 QMA SpeedWeek!

June 25th – 27th 

** Registration is reopening from on June 2nd thru June 6th **

EmailMe Form – 2021 QMA Speedweek Registration


​​​Get ready for QMA Speedweek!  Try your skills at some new challenges as you and your driver(s) race 3 tracks in 3 days!!

Club’s hosting events will be Oregon QMA, Little Wheels QMA and Washington QMA.  After each event you will pack up and drive to next location.  All tracks will be blacked out at least two days prior to their events so there will be no practice time at any of the tracks during the event or just prior.

Pre-registration will be required and no at event sign up will be allowed.  Event will be limited to 250 cars.  Registration will be open May 17th – 25th.  Raceivers will be used at the event There may be a limited supply available for rental (TBD).  Judges will be provided for the event.

We have been able to secure the Racing Rascals facility in Yakima, WA to use for Oregon QMA to host their leg of the event. (Thank you to the Racing Rascals!)  The order for the event will be Oregon QMA hosting at Yakima WA day 1, day 2 LWQMA at Graham WA and day 3 at WQMA Monroe WA

This event will feature the following:

Day 1 Yakima, WA:  Heat races – 2 sets of heats
First heat will be lined up from sign in order, second heat will be done via pill draw at registration packet pickup.

Day 2 Graham, WA:  Speed Dashes and Main events
Dashes will be 4 cars/ 5 laps and will have points that count toward total. The mains will include lower and A mains and will be lined up from day 1 heat totals.

Day 3 Monroe, WA:  Lower and A mains only (lined up from main finishes from day 2)– followed by tech and awards


Please be aware that:

  • This event will be limited to 250 cars.
  • Speed-week re-open will be limited to those classes that already have cars in them. So, there will be no registration for Jr. Stock, Mod, B or Half.
  • We will not be providing refunds for this event, except for registrations that exceed the above limit.
  • Raceivers will be used at the event. There may be a limited supply available for rental (TBD).
  • Please check Facebook for latest information.


  • Heat points from day one will total together and will be used to line up day 2 main events. 
  • Dashes will be assigned points that count toward overall points totals but will not be used for lineup purposes.
  • Totals after day 2 events will be used to line up the main events for day3. 
  • All points will be totaled to conclusion of all three race days with winner take all!


  • Each A main champion driver will receive a jacket with the event logo and a trophy
  • A main place 2-4 will receive a trophy
  • All other participants will receive a medallion with the event logo
  • Novices will participate and be trophied as all other classes


  • Tires will be the QMA spec VEGA right side tires.  Tire used on Day 1 for heats will be marked and be required for A main use on day 3.  Day two tires can be new/used per participants choice.


  • Thursday June 24th 5:00-8:00pm
  • Friday June 25th 7:00-8:00am

Drivers are to attend Safety to check height within car. All drivers will weigh in for heavy classes.


Engine sealing will be done during Safety on Thursday evening.  Should you need to break a seal during the event QMA Tech rules apply.

More Info:

There is a $45 parking fee for the full event which covers parking at all 3 tracks.  Parking will be collected at the Oregon hosted site on Thursday. Parking must be paid by cash or check.

Parking for day 1 will begin at 3pm Thursday, June 24th.  Location is Central WA State Fairgrounds Gate 14 this is a different gate than those who have raced there before used, please take note it is closer to the baseball field just past gate 12.

Parking for all clubs will be per arrival.  No priority parking will be designated.  Please listen to parking attendants as you arrive at the event sites.

There will be specifics about point structure with our sign in packets as well as any additional format information.

Current QMA rules and regulations are available on the QMA website at www.quartermidgets.org


  • Yakima: Chevron station @ 2310 Rudkin Road, Union Gap Wa 98903
  • Little Wheels: Shell station @ 19921 Meridian E. Graham, Wa 98338
  • WQMA: Shell station @ 13885 Fryelands Blvd SE Monroe, Wa 9827

And as usual, mid-grade fuel only

Track locations:

  • Yakima: 1323 Pacific Ave Gate 14, Yakima, WA 98901
  • Little Wheels: 21800 Meridian Ave E, Graham WA 98338
  • WQMA: 17405 SR2, Monroe WA 98272


Jun 25 - 27 2021


All Day


1323 Pacific Ave Gate 14, Yakima, WA 98901​
Little Wheels QMA

Location 2

Little Wheels QMA
21800 Meridian Ave E, Graham, WA
WQMA Monroe

Location 3

WQMA Monroe
17405 SR 2, Monroe, Washington, 98272